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Freed FAQs

Do you have all makers in all sizes?

Unfortunately no. If you work out the maths there are 4 standard Freed shoes, 5 width fittings, 20 sizes and about 30 makers. To keep one of each possible combination in stock would result in 12,000 pairs of shoes. Most people ordering makers will take a minimum of 3 pairs at a time, this would equate to 36,000 pairs of shoes. This assumes that no one would order the same size/maker before the previous order could be replaced and does not take into consideration special masurements. This means we are only able to supply maker requests as a special order. random maker orders can normally be sent immediately.

How long does it take for shoes to be despatched?

If shoes are in stock they will be despatched immediately. If not, we will check with the factory whether they have them and, if so, they are normally with us within 24/48 hours. If not, the shoes have to be made and this timescale depends on the maker requested (see Makers page for timescales) and how busy the maker is. We will always advise the approximate timescale as best we can at the time of order. However,be aware that should the maker be off work for sickness or holidays then this can cause a further delay.

Why does it cost more for shoes to be made than stock shoes?

The factory levy an additional charge for specific maker and special order shoes. Generally, when they supply stock Pointe shoes they are picked at random from the stock bins. Shoes that are classed as stock by them are the surplus shoes being made by makers although they do ensure that even the most popular makers produce some stock shoes to ensure their shoes are available to all dancers. It is more costly for a maker to manufacture small batches of shoes specifically for individual dancers than in bulk.

I don't live in the UK, can you supply me and will there be any extra costs?

Provided we have a delivery service available to your part of the world then we can supply you. We charge for the cost of the product and shipping to a specified address. Most countries will have some form of import controls in place so please be aware that you may incur additional duty depending on your country and order value. Please check locally the conditions in place to ensure shoes can be ordered in the most cost effective manner. In many countries orders up to a certain value are exempt from import duty so by ensuring the quantity of shoes purchased does not exceed this can avoid any further costs.Import duty is totally out of our control so please ensure you are familiar with the conditions for your own country so you do not incur any unexpected costs.